Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas...Part 2

On Christmas Eve we went over to my parents house for the second of our Christmases. We had an awesome feast and then watched Lily open her first Christmas presents. We weren't supposed to buy gifts for anyone but Lily, but of course my parents were very good to us. And Lily was just plain spoiled. She got a baby doll from my parents, which she loves. She actually throws a little tantrum if you take her away. She also got a ton of clothes from my sisters. Again, most of the evening was spent playing with Lily and just enjoying being together as a family. My parents got a new TV, so as usual whenever they get some new electronic toy, Matt had to give my dad a few pointers in how to work it.
Opening her baby

Her baby doll

I think this look is because someone tried to take her baby!

She was distracted by another present!

Quality time with Aunt J

When we got home Matt and I got to play Santa getting the house all set up for Christmas morning. It was actually more like we played maid, because the house was a disaster area, but we did get everything cleaned up and the remaining presents wrapped. I have been waiting my whole life to play Santa and I am so blessed that I was finally able to!

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