Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas...Part 1

Christmas was a multiple day event this year, as I am sure it is for a lot of people with a lot of family. We always manage to work it out rather nicely though. Our first "Christmas" was with my immediate family and my aunt and uncle. We went over to my aunt and uncle's house on the 21st. We are big foodies, so we decided to have an Epicurean Feast. We always have a theme and this year it was Cajun/Creole. Yes, I know there is a big difference, as explained to me in the December issue of Cooking Light, but I am not really sure which it was. Probably more Cajun. We had a turduckin - turkey stuffed with duck stuffed with chicken stuffed with...stuffing! Pure genius! Matt and I brought red beans and rice. There was etouffee, all sorts of sides, 15 POUNDS!! of crawdads, and bread pudding for dessert. We were all stuffed! The day was super low key, just like us. I, the total comfy clothes/pj lover, proposed the idea of wearing Christmas jammies and everyone agreed. Although, honestly only Lily and I were in Christmas garb. Everyone else was just in flannel pants, but it was the thought that counted! We mostly just sat around and watched football and gushed over Lily. We decided not to exchange gifts this year. Instead we drew names and made $25 donations to that persons charity of choice. It was a great day!
Since we didn't do gifts, there are no pictures of Lily opening any. So here are a few of her in her Christmas jammies. And she did receive a very generous gift from my aunt and uncle. She got a Target gift card, which is perfect because now we can buy her what she needs when she needs it!

This is a really cute picture of Lily and my mom. For some reason blogger is being retarded and flipped my picture and I can't fix it. You will just have to turn your head to appreciate the cuteness!

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