Wednesday, August 6, 2008

State Fair Fun

On Monday we went to the Wisconsin State Fair with my family. It was Lily's first state fair, and my millionth! My parents have been taking us to the state fair since we were really young, and I have only missed a handful of years. It is always a blast with tons of great food and lots of things to see. The day started really early for me, when Lily woke up at 3:30. I am not complaining really since she had been in bed since 7:30 and had only woken up to fuss a little when we went to bed around 9:45. We were spending the night at my parents since we leave so early in the morning. Anyway, she was up at 3:30 and then didn't want to go back down. I eventually took her downstairs so she didn't wake everyone else up. She fell back asleep, but by that time, I needed to start getting ready so I was just up for the day. When we left it was storming pretty badly, but the weather at the fair was really nice. A couple of storms, a little humid, but nothing new to us. We have been there in all kinds of weather. One of my goals was to make Lily a leaf shirt in the DNR exhibit. I made one probably at least 10 years ago and still wear it to bed most nights. So Lily needed hers. They weren't doing leaves this year, they were doing fish. So here is Lily's fish onesie. It is 24 months, but the way she is growing, she will be in it in no time.
And here is the shirt I made a long time ago
We had a great time looking at the animals, walking through the exhibition hall, and eating tons and tons of food (especially Billy's Baked Potatoes!!). It was also really nice because they had baby nursing stations around the fair grounds that were air conditioned and had couches and a table for changing the baby. It made it very easy to nurse Lily and not have to cover her with the nursing cover in the 90 degree heat! Lily was a trooper being strapped in the stroller all day. She was able to get in a good nap while we walked around the air-conditioned exhibition hall and I don't think she cried the entire day until we were about half way home. And I don't blame her. She was pretty much either in the car seat or in the stroller the entire day. I can't wait until next year when she will be able to really enjoy everything!

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Steph said...

Lily was such a trooper at the fair! She did great and is officially a WI fair going family member!!!