Wednesday, August 6, 2008

More New Tricks

Lily has a couple more new tricks! I know, that sounds bad, like she is a puppy or something. I think she is really close to rolling from her back to her tummy. If I play on the floor with her and hold a toy to her side, she turns her head and can get over onto her side, but not quite onto her belly. She also attempts to roll over in her crib. She also loves razzing (aka blowing raspberries). This is really cute and she will mimic me if I do it first. The only time it isn't cute is if she is really drooling, in which case I get a nice little shower. And she is a little faker already. She has figured out that I won't necessarily turn to her at every little noise she makes, but if she coughs, I will always look over. So if she really wants attention and I am ignoring her, like if I am making dinner, she will do this little cough. She is a prankster already, but she makes a couple rookie she starts smiling and laughing as soon as I look over!
Lily is also really starting to giggle and laugh now. She moves tons, and I think the beloved bouncy seat is on its way out. She gets herself all scooted to the bottom, to where she is almost falling out. And if we buckle her in, then she really struggles against the straps and I am afraid she is going to hurt herself, not to mention she hates being strapped in and really fusses. She only likes her swing in small doses, and it isn't always practical to put her on her play mat, like when we are watching TV since that floor is not carpeted, so we were looking for options for her so we weren't always holding her. She doesn't always like to be held. Sometimes we sit her on the couch and she will just hang out, looking adorable and watching TV. But still, we needed something else. On Saturday I went and bought her an exersaucer. She can't really use it to its fullest yet, but she does seem to enjoy herself in it for short periods of time. She is taking more and more of an interest in toys. Her all time favorite is her plastic keys. When I bring those out, her eyes just light up!


Michelle said...

It's so funny reading your updates about Lilly because Maisie is right at the same stage. Paul put together her exersaucer this week and she really digs it. She's almost rolling over from her back to belly, but her arm gets in the way. And she's doing the fake coughing too!

Anonymous said...

xShe looks so cute in her exersauer. All the new things for babies. love my Lily