Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Sleeping and Disposable Diapers

I hesitate to write this, because I am afraid it will change. Lily has slept like a champ the past three nights. The difference...she was in disposable diapers! It all started on Sunday night. We were spending the night at my parents house because we were going to the Wisconsin State Fair the next day and we leave really early, so it is just easier to spend the night at their house. I had already decided that I was going to just use some of the disposable diapers I had left while at the fair because they take up less room in an already overpacked diaper bag. I think they are also a little cooler since they are less bulky, and it was supposed to be 90 degrees. Anyway, I didn't bring any cloth to my parents, so she was obviously in a disposable overnight. She went to bed at 7:45, fussed a little when we went to bed a couple hours later, and didn't wake up to eat until 3:45. I actually woke up before her and was a little surprised what time it was. Granted I ended up being up for the day at 3:30, but whatever. So we decided that maybe we would try a disposable again on Monday night. Again, she went down around 8:45 (there were bad storms so we didn't want to put her down until they passed because we weren't sure if we needed to head for the bathtub) and fussed a little when we went to bed and then slept until after 2 and then until 6:30. I then thought that maybe she was just exhausted from the fair because I certainly was. So I thought I would see what happened one more night with a disposable. I put her to bed on Tuesday night around 7:45 and she fussed for the first hour or so, and then didn't make a peep until almost 4 am! Not even when we went to bed. She is in her own room now, but our house is so small, she is right next door, so I think sometimes she hears us going to bed.
I am going to put her in disposables at night for the rest of the week and see what happens. I figure that karmically speaking, Mother Nature can forgive me one disposable a night if I am a better person all around because I am well rested. And I have a bunch of disposables left, so I might as well use them. So keep your fingers crossed that this is the answer! There are a couple reasons I think the diaper may be making a difference. First, when we switched to cloth, she didn't go back down after a feeding as well. She seemed a little uncomfortable, and if I did change her, she would just be more awake. Second, when I change her in the morning in a cloth diaper, no matter how many inserts I have, they are saturated and there are literally pools of liquid in the diaper. She obviously wets a lot overnight, and disposables are just more absorbent. If this is the answer, I am definitely going to use disposables overnight. Mommy needs her sleep!

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Michelle said...

Regardless of the cause, thank-goodness for the sleep! I'm so jealous ;)