Monday, July 14, 2008

Working Out!

Well, it only took 3 ½ months for me to realize that I need to get my butt to the gym. So for the past five days, I have gone to the gym I have been paying for and not using for the past year. Seriously…I think is has been a year since I last went to the gym. Matt has been going almost every week day morning for quite some time, but I always had an excuse. We seem to have a pretty good system working. Matt has been making an effort to get home at a reasonable hour and I go to the gym and then we have dinner when I get home. We always eat around 7 anyway, so this is really no different. Either Matt makes dinner, or finishes what I started. This is good for me both physically and mentally. I guess I didn’t realize that as much as I love Lily, 24/7 with her isn’t necessarily a good thing. This gives me a little break and Matt a little one on one time with her. Plus I need to get in shape and get rid of the baby baggage I am still carrying!

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Michelle said...

Wow. Good for you!