Tuesday, July 8, 2008

She's found her voice...and her hands

I am generally considered a loud person. When I was little, my mom always used to ask if my ears hurt because I would talk so loudly. One of my husbands roommates in college referred to me as "that loud Chicago girl". I really am okay with this. It is who I am. I come from a loud family. My husband does not. He needs a couple days to mentally prepare for one of my family functions, and I am pretty sure his head is spinning for days afterwards. I also talk a lot. Not as much as my sis Steph (love ya Steph!) but I a lot. My freshman year in college one of my English professors called me at my dorm room and asked me to meet in her office. When I got to her office, she chastised me for talking to much during class and monopolizing the discussion. So, it really should come as no surprise to me that my daughter is a talker...a loud, constant talker. This talking isn't really new. She has been "talking" for a while, but recently it has become day and night. Yes, night. My darling little baby who used to get up to nurse and quietly fall back asleep now feels she needs to have a midnight conversation, and a 2 am one, and a 4 am one. I love her little voice, but at 2 am, she is getting herself more and more awake, when she really should be going back to sleep. And after the third straight hour of it during the day, I tend to start tuning it out, which I don't want to do. She talks with the pacifier in her mouth. She talks while nursing, which is messy! She talks with her fingers in her mouth, or her whole fist. Her hands are her new favorite toy. She will chew on them, suck on them, or just stare at them with wonder in her eyes. Wow, I can make these things do things. I have tried to get video of my little talker, but much like the smile for regular pictures, this has proven tricky. She doesn't say much when she knows the camera is on her. Maybe next time!

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Michelle said...

My daughter is definitely talking more -not as much as your daughter though because nights are still pretty quiet. She has found her hands too and it's a real blessing because they will occupy her for a little while.