Monday, July 7, 2008

What a Weekend!!!

What a weekend! We started out Thursday night going to visit some friends for a BBQ. They have a daughter a month older than Lily and we hang out with them at least once a month. While their daughter and Lily are still at the stages of just kinda checking each other out, I am sure in the months and years to come they will be great playmates. Friday was the 4th of July and a big party at my aunt's house. There were tons of people and Lily just charmed the pants off everyone. We ate tons of food, Matt and my dad played in a bags tournament, and then went to see the fireworks. My little firecracker was so worn out from the day that she slept through the entire, very loud display. Check her out:
during the showSaturday we were so exhausted we just laid around the house and watched movies. I don't think I got out of my pjs all day. Wait, I take that back, I did do a very lazy job of somewhat weeding the garden. We rented I am Legend and National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets...if that gives you any indication of how long it has been since we have rented movies!
Sunday we went over to my in-laws to celebrate my husband's grandmother's birthday (91!!!) and hung out with the fam and Aunt Laurie and Grandma. Lily is quite taken with Aunt Laurie! We were there pretty late and when we got home, I was washing my face and realized I had lost an earring. My first mother's day present earring. After searching the bathroom (I knew it was lost there)Matt finally decided to take of the U-pipe from the drain, and there it was. My Hero!!! For the record, Matt has now rescued a fish and an earring that have gone down the drain as a result of my actions!

We had a great weekend, even though we didn't make it to Ribfest this year. Or Eyes to the Sky. I am a little bummed, but at least we didn't spend a ton of money, like we usually end up doing over the 4th weekend. But the weekend has definitely taken its toll on us. Even though Lily doesn't have a regular "bedtime" she was all messed up from the late hours and slept very fitfully last night. Which means mommy slept very little last night. I have realized that even though she is nice and portable and will fall asleep wherever as long as she is fed and dry, we need to start making more of an effort to be home so she has a more routine bedtime. Lesson learned!

Here are some random pictures from the weekend.


Michelle said...


I'm trying to get into more of a routine with my daughter too. I just wrote out a rough daily schedule. Mostly it looks like this -9ish: breakfast, noonish: walk outside... there are a lot of ish's.

Kelly said...

Three of the 4 nights this past weekend we got home after midnight. I am really hoping the terrible nights sleep we have both gotten the past 2 nights is a result of that and not a new phase!

Kelly said...

And as for the fish...there was an accident cleaning his bowl and he went down the drain. My husband rescued him and he went on to live a long life (for a fish!!)

Michelle said...

That's one lucky fish!