Thursday, October 24, 2013

Just Another Day in Paradise

The girls are playing in the back yard and I am making dinner, watching them out the kitchen window. My house is moderately clean and Matt will be home from work soon. Earlier today I walked Lily to and from school, just like I do everyday. It strikes me that although my life isn't perfect, it is pretty darn good. I am more or less living my dream! I am a stay at home mom, despite the fact I just picked up a part time retail job, working a couple nights a week and on the weekends. We live in a beautiful place in a great community. Lily goes to a great school and we belong to a fantastic rec center where the girls take gymnastics and I work out and we all go to the pool for some family fun. There are breathtaking views of the mountains from the running trails just minutes from my house and Matt is content in his new job.

I might not be in as great of shape as I want. We may not have as much money as I'd like. We might be far from family and the girls make bicker too much for my liking, but I really do live a blessed life!

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Because of Jackie said...

Isn't it funny how some days really come together and show us ho perfect life really is?