Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A Lazy Day and I'm Homesick

It is 10:45 am and I am on my second cup of coffee. The girls and I are still in our pjs. Well, I've added a sweatshirt. It has been a little cooler here and we turned off the AC the past few days. It stays rather cool in the house until the afternoon sun bakes the back of the house. I don't really need the sweatshirt, but I love any excuse to rock a sweatshirt and yoga pants. Mumford and Sons radio is playing on Pandora and Lily is playing a game on my phone. Margie is tormenting playing with Lucy. We are totally having a lazy day and I love it. The sun is shining and it is not a million degrees out so we should probably do something outside, but I need a lazy day every once in a while. Last week Lily and I read a Bernstein Bears book about too much TV and she decided that this should be a no TV week. So far, so good and I feel a lot less guilty about a lazy day if the kids aren't just vegging in front of the boob tube. It won't be a completely lazy day though. I do have a childcare appointment at the gym after nap time so I can take a yoga class. And I will most likely do a couple loads of laundry. And I have stepped on one too many blocks the past 24 hours not to clean them up. But other than that, totally lazy!

I've been feeling a little homesick lately while I'm lying in bed trying to fall asleep. I don't know if I can't sleep because I am homesick or if I have been homesick because I can't sleep and just lay there thinking. I miss my family and my friends. I have met a lot of really nice people here, but they don't know me. I miss just hanging out with people that know me. I miss silly things like our pediatrician. When Margie was born a new doctor had joined the practice. We saw Dr. Becky for Margie's one month check up and she told me that Margie was eating well and gaining weight and since I was an experienced mom and Margie wasn't due for any shots I could skip the 2 month checkup unless I wanted it. That vote of confidence was so reassuring. She ended up being the doctor we mostly saw. She was awesome and I miss her, even though we don't routinely hang out at the doctors office. I miss Woodmans. I miss knowing exactly where everything is in the store. I miss my house, even though my house here is amazing. I miss my book clubs and our church. Yesterday we went to Target and it was comforting. Strange, right? We have mostly been going to Walmart because it is so close, but I felt like a change so we headed the other direction. Targets are pretty much all laid out the same and it felt familiar and that was needed. On Saturday we drove up to Nederland, which is a cozy little town in the mountains about 45 minutes away. While wandering around I saw a guy with a Fox Valley Canoe Race shirt on. We struck up a conversation and it turns out they just moved to Denver from North Aurora a month ago. They have two little kids roughly the same age as mine. It is funny how many people from the Chicago suburbs we run into. A couple weeks ago I ran into someone in the gym that I actually had worked with in college.

Don't get me wrong, I love it here and an really so happy we moved. But it doesn't mean that I don't miss things from back home. Mostly I miss people, but I also miss things and places. I'm not super good at making friends. I can actually be pretty shy. I hate having to find a whole new group of mommy friends when I really loved the ones I have back home...

And with that I am off to color with two of the most familiar people in the world!

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