Thursday, March 28, 2013


First of all, could these two be any more precious? I love these little ladies with all my heart and I go to bed every night thinking how did I get so lucky to be their mommy? I miss them when I am at work and want to snuggle them while they are sleeping. Unfortunately, the hours between work and sleep often find me tired and crabby and it is a hectic time of day and I know more days than not they don't get the mommy they deserve. And every night I promise myself I will do better tomorrow, but it is a viscious cycle.

We have some big changes ahead and I am so excited about them, but also a little sad and scared and nervous. More about that later. Life has been a roller coaster the past 9 months or so and I am ready to get off.

We have been decluttering lately. I have been listing a bunch of stuff on Craigslist. I have been pretty successful in selling some things, but it is a full time job just to coordinate who is coming to look at what when. Or maybe most people don't list a ton of things at once? I don't know. It is also frustrating when you get several inquiries about an item but then when you set something up for one person to come see something they don't show up. Oh well, we've unloaded some stuff we no longer use and got some cash for it, so I guess it is a win in the end.

Today it finally started to feel like spring. It is March 28. The kids played outside a bit and I didn't wear a coat to work. Sure, it seemed like a mistake when I left at 6:45 and it was only 26 degrees out, but when came home at 3:00 and it was 50 degrees I realized I had clearly made the right choice. Ahem. I am looking forward to flip flops and no coats and going to the park every afternoon with the kids. I never used to mind winter before I had kids. Now, well now I am so over it by about MLK day.

Okay, time to watch the Daily Show. Night night!


Because of Jackie said...

Hi Kelly! First of all, I LOVED your comment you left on my blog! Everything you wrote was so spot on and I appreciate you coming and reading.
Second, I have been working on decluttering as well. We are moving in 2 months and I have been purging like crazy.
P.S. Your girls are gorgeous! My oldest was born in Feb of 2008, five is such a great age, isn't it?

Kelly said...

Thanks! I am finding 5 to be challenging, but we have a lot of stuff going on. But I am also finding it to be fun and it is amazing watching her come into her own (perhaps part of the challenge is she is turning more and more into a mini me every day!)

Thanks for stopping by!