Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Weekend

It's the weekend! Hooray! So far my weekend has been uber exciting. Last night I came home from work, played with the kids, and decided I was too tired to make dinner so we ordered {healthy-ish} take out. I put Margie to bed and while Lily and Matt watched a movie I decided I wanted to take a bath. I have the urge to take a bath about once every eight years and now I remember why...I just can't take the relaxing type bath I am envisioning in a standard little tub. Seriously, bathtubs in normal homes are just not meant to accommodate adults wishing to take a soak! I got out of the bath, had a cup of the best tea ever that my sister bought me for Christmas (here) and considered blogging. As it turns out, I was just too exhausted (must have been that chilly, brisk walk I took with some co-workers at lunch!) so I went up to bed to watch some House Hunters International and dream about what it would be like to live in Costa Rica. Lily joined me a few minutes later and we discussed which house the couple would choose. I still don't know why they didn't choose the one with the pool in the middle of the house and was very open air...Lil and I agreed it was the one we would choose. As typical, I had just fallen asleep when Margie woke up. I went and got her and brought her into bed with me and my chickie. One day I will sleep with no children in my bed. Around 2 am Margie woke up and decided it was time to party. I quite literally was up for two hours with both girls awake. At one point I even took Margie down stairs (where Matt was sleeping...he had come up, saw both girls asleep in bed with me, and decided the couch was a better bet for a good night's sleep)and let her walk around and gave her some milk. She found a coat and tried to put it on and convince me that it was time to go bye-bye. She was not happy when I tried to take her back up to bed. Eventually Lily asked if it was okay for her to go to her own bed - she eventually got fed up with Margie's fussing.
Today continues with non stop excitement! Grocery shopping and laundry and a baby that refuses to nap, despite her late night party. I am not really sure how I ended up with kids that don't really like to sleep. It is my all time favorite activity. It was snowing when we left the grocery store and I was hoping for a nice snow, but really we only got enough for a light dusting. The rest of my day will probably be more laundry and playing with the kiddos. I may try to dig out the hand weights and do some exercises. Matt is going out tonight so it will be another quiet night for me, which is fantastic! I am looking forward to a nice cup of tea after the kids are in bed...and maybe some Pinterest!

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