Thursday, January 3, 2013


I don't know what was up with my children today, but they were crazy! Like super wired. Lily was seriously off the walls when I got home. Luckily she was pretty good all day for grandma. Even luckier is that she goes back to school on Monday. I think she is mostly just bored. Bored and adjusting to me being back at work again. I never wanted to be one of those parents counting down the days until school breaks were over, but now I see that it isn't that the parents don't want to deal with their kids, rather that some kids get quite out of sorts when their routines are thrown off. We have never been huge routine people. Naps, meals, even bedtime were flexible. If Lily is overly tired she sleeps poorly, so I try to trend towards an earlier bed time. If Margie sleeps poorly at night (which is most nights)then she naps when she gets sleepy. If she seems well rested we aim for a noon nap time. I know that some things would be easier if we had an established routine, but we are a little more whatever. Maybe it is my lack of discipline? This is kind of funny because I am super anal about being on time. I blame my dad. My whole life if I am not 5 minutes early for something than I am late. We run late a lot now. Not usually significantly late, but enough to set me on edge. I have learned that in this season of life I need to accept that we are going to run late. Someone needs to go potty or needs a diaper change as we are walking out the door. Church...we are rushing in during the opening song. Anyway, my children were crazy today and I was happy for bedtime. And that, my friends, sums up my day.

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