Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Margie is 2 Months Old!!

Margie is two months old! Time has really flown by. We had her two month check up today. Stats as follows:
Weight: 13 pounds, 90th percentile
Height: 22 3/4 inches, 75th percentile
Head: 15 1/2, 70th percentile

Size wise she is just a wee bit smaller than Lily was at the same age. Like 3 ounces and half an inch smaller. Head wise she is actually half a centimeter, or whatever unit they use, bigger than Lily which blows my mind because I always thought Lily had such a big head and don't think that about Margie. Margie wears 3 month or 3-6 month clothes and is in cloth diapers full time. She eats when she is hungry, which is every two to three hours during the day and she is up twice at night to eat. She is an awesome sleeper - I never knew it could be like this with a newborn (ahem, Lily!). Her most awake time is from about 6 pm until 11 pm, but sometimes she is a little crabby then. She is super strong and can hold her head up with no problems. She is even trying to roll, though I think we have some time. She is a little sad today because she got three shots :(. I actually got a little teary as she was getting poked.

I was afraid having a baby in October would mean we were destined to be cooped up until spring, but Mother Nature has been kind to us with mild temperatures (though I think it is changing as we speak!) Margie has been to the zoo twice and regularly hangs out in the Moby while I take Lily out to run around and kick the soccer ball around.

Lily is an awesome big sister and just loves Margie to death. She is a great helper and I am so relieved with how well she adjusted. If she ever shows any signs of jealousy, her discontent is directed at me, not the baby. Lily loves to help pick out Margie's diaper and likes to help me with her laundry by stacking up the clean wipes. Any time Margie cries, she tells me she thinks her baby needs some milk. She will run and get a paci or burp cloth when I ask and patiently waits if she needs something while I am nursing. I so hope my two girls will be the best of friends when they are older, like I am with my sisters. I know Lily is anxious for Margie to be able to play with her, and Margie is already starting to stare at Lily with fascination. It melts my heart! Where ever Margie is, Lily isn't far.

I just love my two girls so much! Margie is such a perfect addition to our family!

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