Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Margie is One Month Old!!

On Friday Margie turned one month old. I can hardly believe it! It seems like she has always been a part of our family. We didn't go for a one month well baby visit because when we took her for a weight check at about 10 days, the doctor was pleased with her weight gain and told me that since I was "an experienced nursing mother" and she couldn't get any vaccinations at the visit anyway, we could just come in for a two month check up. Therefore, I don't have her actual stats, but her unofficial weight (me stepping on the scale alone, then stepping on the scale with her and doing the math) at one month is 11.1 pounds. She is definitely a well fed baby! She is well fed, but we seem to still be getting the hang of nursing. Obviously she is getting plenty, but some feedings it is a struggle. Maybe I am just remembering the later months of nursing Lily, but I don't remember as many frustrations. Margie is also a cuddly baby. So cuddly in fact that she will only sleep on me at night. During the day I can get her to sleep in the bouncy seat, and once she napped in her crib for about a half an hour, but at night she wants to be held. I oblige her by propping myself up in bed with pillows and she sleeps on my chest. My upper back and neck are getting quite achy, but I am trying to remember that this time goes so fast and she won't always be so cuddly and needy (ahem, older daughter!). Margie is growing so fast. She wears 0-3 month clothes, with a lot of them being 3 month. She was able to fit into newborn clothes longer than her big sister, though. She wears a size one diaper. We haven't moved into cloth yet. I did try them for a day, but even my smallest diapers were a bit bulky. I need to try again though because that was a couple weeks ago and she has definitely grown since then. Margie definitely has her fussy time and she loves to be held, though she protests if I put her in the Moby. As much as I love holding her, it is hard sometimes. Lily doesn't always understand why I can't always do what she wants. But she sure does love her little sister! She tells me about a hundred times a day that "I'll never stop loving her." She wants to hold her sister and hug her and kiss her all day long. Margie is starting to smile and interact a lot more. I don't know if she really is smiling or what because I didn't think babies smiled at this age, but I love all her little expressions.

I tried doing a little one month photo shoot and Margie was not having it! But isn't she adorable! And big! My friend found these little month stickers on Etsy and they are so perfect since they have apples for our little Apple Dumpling. She said she just had to get them when she saw them! Also, I would always see pictures like this and think "I can't believe people buy onesies each month!" I think these stickers are genius!

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