Sunday, March 27, 2011

It's Been a While, But I Have Good Reason!

In case you can't read Lily's shirt, it says "Big Sister". We were so excited to share the wonderful news with our families, and Lily, yesterday. And then in short order, we shared with everyone we know! My due date is October 9, which puts me right at 12 weeks. As I exit the first trimester, I am really hoping that the morning sickness hits the road. I have been pretty sick this time around, which is new to me because I hardly felt any nausea with Lily.

Everyone is very excited. It is hard to know for sure if Lily gets it, but she seems to. She got a stuffed elephant for her birthday from her Nee Nee and this morning she told me she hopes she can share her elephant with her baby. It helps that just last week we went to visit my best friend and her new baby. Lily held the baby and sang to her and was quite smitten.

Anyway, it has been a long six weeks keeping this news to myself. I am feeling so wonderfully blessed! I really need to catch up on things like Lily's 3rd birthday, the terrible threes, the death of our computer, and other things that have been going on.

Take care!


Stephanie said...

Best day ever! I think Lily gets it...and is very excited she's going to be a big sister! She'll be the best big sister...just like you! :)

Frugal Babe said...

Congratulations! I hope you start feeling better soon, and that the rest of your pregnancy goes great :)

Kelly said...

@Steph - Aww, thanks! You are the best baby sis!

@Frugal Babe - Thanks! I think I am starting to feel better, but every time I think I am done with being ill, it comes back to haunt me! Oh well, while I may complain, I have never been so happy to be puking and miserable!