Thursday, January 13, 2011



Outside my window...just an ordinary winter evening. There is snow on the ground, but it isn't snowing today.

I am I am feeling kind of all over the place lately. I need some grounding...

I am thankful daughter, even though she has been driving me a little bit crazy lately.

From the kitchen...Matt had his holiday party, so Lily and I had chicken fingers for dinner.

I am pants, a sweatshirt and my slippers.

I am creating...Lily and I made a count down to no more paci chain this afternoon. Hopefully in 30 days we will say goodbye to the paci for good!

I am going...nowhere. I'm in for the evening.

I am reading...Freedom by Jonathan Franzen. I need to get working because I am a little more than halfway through and it is due tomorrow and it can't be renewed!

I am hoping...that I am a good mother, that I am doing right by Lily.

I am hearing...Beethoven.

Around the house...Lily's playroom is a wreck. My bed isn't made. I need to put away the laundry that has been dry on the drying rack for three days.

A few plans for the rest of the week...MOPS steering meeting and then lunch with friends tomorrow, my cousins baby shower on Saturday, Bears game Sunday!

From my picture journal...

My sweet Chickie on Father's Day 2009

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