Thursday, September 2, 2010

Where Has the Time Gone?

I was reading back through my blog while Lily was napping. All the way back. Back to the beginning, when I had a three month old and had just started cloth diapering. Back to when in each post I lamented the lack of sleep I was receiving each night because of my poor-sleeping-baby. She is a better sleeper now. She has slept through the night since she was about one. She naps. Getting her to bed is a whole different story. I was celebrating milestones such as rolling over, sitting up, her first tooth. Now I am anticipating potty training and a big girl bed. Instead of playing with her toes and jumping in her exersaucer, she is "reading" to the dogs and telling knock knock jokes*.

I can't believe how big my little Chickie is getting. Sure, everyone says they grow up so fast. I am well aware of this day in and day out. Reading back through the past two years really drives that point home. The little baby that slept in my bed every night for nearly six months has very little interest in taking a rest with momma. Yet at the same time we seem to have circled back in some respects. I once again wake up to my baby in my bed. Daddy gets her out of her crib most mornings and she comes in to see me. I lift her on to the bed and we read stories for a while. I no longer have a nursling snuggling up, but rather a little person eager for some Dr. Seuss. It is honestly the best way to start my day.

Some days I find myself wishing away the tantrums, the picky eating, the refusal to go to bed. I wish Lily would just potty train already, or take off her shoes when I ask her to (she has no problem doing it in the car!) instead of telling me she can't and asking me to do it. And then I get so mad at myself. She still accepts help more often then not. She still needs me now. I know a girl always needs her momma, but right now she still understands that she needs me. Before I can blink my eyes she will be a teenager and think she doesn't need me anymore.

When I have trying days with Lily (and today has been a bit of one!) I just need to remember, time goes too fast!

*Lily: Knock knock.
Me: Who's there?
Lily: Peach.
Me: Peach who?
Lily: Peach yogurt (falls on floor laughing)

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Stephanie said...

Umm this made me cry! So sweet!