Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Post About Wind and Insomnia

I can't sleep so I am sitting here listening to the wind. Don't get me wrong, it is not the wind that is keeping me up, rather my chronic insomnia. I was lying in bed for a bit, listening to my husband snore, but thought rather than smother him with a pillow, I would get up and blog, out where it is quiet and I can hear the wind better. I jest...I would never hurt my husband. But those of you who share a bed with a snorer know the itch is there some nights! Anyway, insomnia sucks. There are a multitude of factors contributing to my insomnia. Motherhood comes to mind. Even though Chickie has slept through the night pretty much for the past 18 months, in the past two and a half years (on Saturday!) I have not slept as well as I did before becoming pregnant. Or in that first trimester when I slept like the dead. Oh bliss, to sleep like that again! The temperature is another factor. Even with the A/C totally jamming, I still find I don't sleep as well if the outdoor temp is above about 50. And I have my alarm set because I have Bible study in the morning. It is almost guaranteed that if I need a good night sleep, I won't get one. I need one tonight. I have a busy day, topped off with a concert tomorrow night. Sleep. At least I can listen to the wind as I wish for sleep.

I love the wind. Convenient since I live in The Windy City. Okay, I actually live in a suburb 40 miles away. Coincidentally, Chicago is not nicknamed The Windy City for its wind. At least not entirely. It's position on Lake Michigan does indeed make it a windy city. However the actual nickname is attributed to Chicago politicians and there propensity to "blow a lot of wind." There are a couple other theories on the origin of the nickname as well. Don't believe me? Google it! Betcha didn't actually think you would ever learn anything on this little blog, did ya! Anyway, I love the wind. I love listening to it, feeling it. I love the rustle of leaves and the jangling of wind chimes. I really should be more leery of the wind, considering I have an enormous 40 foot maple tree in my front yard. Of minor concern and annoyance is that fact that every time the wind blows it rains little sticks (and in the spring, helicopters) all over my lawn. Of more significance is that fact that the tree towers over my humble one story abode. If a limb were to come down, it would likely land right where I am sitting. Or on the van in the driveway. Or Matt's car in the street. Or on my neighbors garage. But nonetheless, I love the wind. It's magical to me.

Now if it could only blow some sleep my way!

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