Thursday, July 8, 2010

Things I Love Thurdsday: Exergen Temporal Scanner Thermometer

Chickie has had a fever for the past couple days. It averages around 102, goes down with Motrin, and then comes right back up at about the six hour mark. We are leaving for the doctor's in about an hour. I really hate fevers! Chickie has no other complaints other than she is hot. The problem I was having, aside from the unexplained fever, was getting a good reading on what her actual temperature was. This is only the second fever she has had, so I have made due with the couple of, ahem, cheapy thermometers I had. I had an underarm one. I think it was pretty accurate, but you try keeping a thermometer under the arm of a two year old for three minutes. Ditto on the temple thermometer which had to be held against the temple for a minute. Our ear thermometer has never really worked, not to mention the battery was dead and I have no idea what kind of battery it takes. Small and roundish? And rectal temps...yeah, forget that. I read somewhere a while ago that it was accurate but there was a danger of inserting it too far and injuring your child, and that was enough for me. So what is a mommy to do?
Well, Facebook of course! I put out the call for thermometer recommendations, and almost every.single.person! responded with the Exergen Temporal Scanner Thermometer. And then something in my brain registered...I think my BFF Jen told me about three years ago that it was pricey but a baby must have. I am a little slow on the uptake sometimes.
This thermometer is a little on the pricier side, about $49.99 at Walgreens and BabiesRUs (I did find it at Walmart for $33.94!) but as any parent knows, when it comes to your child's health, no price is too high! What I love about the Exergen is that I merely hold down the button and scan it across my daughter's forehead, from the center to the hair line, and it instantly reads her temp. It takes about three seconds and was with in .2 degrees five times in a row. My husband and I had fun scanning each other's foreheads all evening. What can I say, we are easily amused! But the thing never wavered! It read true all night long. Ahem. When I give her a dose of Motrin at 6 pm and know that it is about worn off at midnight, I no longer have to risk waking her up to take her temperature. I can scan this across her forehead while she sleeps! The only thing that would improve this thermometer is a backlight display so I don't have to scamper into the hallway to read it. Truly a worthwhile investment.
And as a funny coincidence, when I was in the recovery room after my little surgery last week, the nurse used a similar type thermometer to check my temp. In my post anesthesia stupor, I am pretty sure I asked the nurse if it was an expensive thermometer because it would sure be handy to have to take Chickie's temp. I am also pretty sure she looked at me like I was crazy. And I am positive that the one she used was a super fancy one that probably cost more than my house.
Anyway, what do you love this week? Head over to The Diaper Diaries for more Things I Love Thursday! And by all means, if you are a mommy, get yourself one of these babies!

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