Monday, June 7, 2010

A Good Old Fashioned Chickie Update Post

It's been a while since I did a good old fashioned update post. Other than the new carpet last week, nothing terribly exciting has been happening. We have been spending a good deal of time outside, trying to get the yard "summer ready". The garden is planted and Chickie's carrot seeds, which she planted in a pot, are starting to come up. Sadly we haven't put the pool up yet. It will probably take a day to get it up and filled, and then a good couple days of full sun and warm temps to get it tolerable to swim in. I am keeping my fingers crossed for this weekend!
Yesterday Matt and a friend were in a canoe race. Chickie and I went to a park along the river to watch. We weren't sure what time they would be coming by,so we spent about 2 hours throwing rocks in the river before we saw them. Who knew that throwing rocks in the river could be so much fun. And if you count the fact that Chickie only almost fell in the river once, well I would consider it a very well spent morning!

Chickie is talking more and more everyday. I can honestly hold conversations with her now, and sometimes I forget I am talking to a two year old! This morning at the park (yesterday was such a hit, we had to go back!) she sat down next to a little girl and said "Hi, what's your name?" She is very much testing her boundaries and I really need to step up my disciplining. I have so far been very lax about it and I don't want her getting the idea she rules the roost here (shh, don't tell her, but really she does!)! Chickie is very good at expressing her emotions, telling us if she is happy, sad, mad, crying (I still am not exactly sure what this is, since she isn't usually crying. I think it is somewhere between upset and actually crying, perhaps another way of telling us she is sad?) She likes to tell us everything she is doing and she has learned to yell, purely for the enjoyment of hearing herself scream and seeing mommy cringe! She loves to play with all her toys, especially her puzzles. Her stuffed animals are her friends and she wakes up needing to see her friends.

Chickie loves music. She has recently started making up her own songs and we often hear her singing to her baby when she wakes up. She will also tell us she is "singing a beautiful song." We have nightly dance parties. She loves to dance to Iron Maiden, much to her daddy's delight. Mommy just rolls her eyes! This is probably my favorite time of day! Throughout the day she often comes up and tells me she needs to dance! It is so cute.

Chickie isn't much of a cuddler anymore, but she tells us she loves us probably ten times an hour. There is no sweeter sound! She is also very affectionate with the dogs, and for the most part they take it, Eli more so than Lucy. She is always saying "I love Eli" or "I love Lucy!"

She hasn't shown much interest in potty training yet, but she almost always tells me when she needs a new diaper. She sometimes will come up and say "I am soafing wet!" No matter how many times I tell her it is soaking, she insists on saying soafing. I love it! I am hoping by the end of summer to have her day trained, but I am not really rushing it. When she is ready, I figure she will let me know. She also still sleeps in her crib and loves it. So far she hasn't tried to climb out, so I think we will keep her in it as long as possible. And thankfully she still naps more often than not throughout the week. She looked like she was ready to ditch the naps a while ago, but I guess that was just a phase! She is a pretty good eater with a HUGE preference for fruit and beans. She eats a pretty wide variety of things that I wouldn't normally expect a two year old to like, but she also loves nuggets and cookies and goldfish. Sometimes she will tell me she needs "a little little snack" as I am wiping her up after a meal. *Eye roll*

Well, that should do it! Here are some recent pictures, although I will admit I haven't been taking all that many lately.

Hitching a ride after a hike

Helping plant the garden

Conked out after a long day in the yard with no nap

Loving the swings

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