Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Dear Lily:

For the love of all that is holy, please TAKE.A.NAP!!!! You have been thumbing your nose at the most sacred time of day way too often lately. Mommy is close to losing her mind. Just so you know, when mommy loses her mind, it isn't pretty. You are two. Two year olds nap. I think it might even be in the Bible. I will get back to you on that. Regardless of the biblical implications, napping is part of your job description. My job description entails everything from wiping tushes to making you healthy meals to molding you into a model specimen of humanity. I realize I don't always achieve my job description everyday, but just because I shirk my responsibility now and then doesn't mean you get to follow suit. Besides, I don't get paid for my job. My payment is the few blissful hours I have a day when you nap and I can clean or fold laundry or blog or, ahem, finish the Twilight series. I know napping seems horrible, especially on such a beautiful day, but trust me one day you will long for a few hours every afternoon to conk out. Rest is good for the soul, good for the body, and good for mommy.

I love you Lily! Now please stop jumping in your crib and GO TO SLEEP! Or just stop jumping. I will settle for that!



Kendra at New Life On A Homestead said...

Kelly, this cracked me up!! I can totally relate to days like that! If I can get all three of mine to at least be "resting" at the same time, I am in hog heaven!! Hopefully she'll get back into napping for ya! It is definitely necessary for our sanity!

naholter said...

just stop jumping ... sometimes that's all you can get, so be thankful. I had a daughter who stayed awake until midnight, no matter when we put her down. But as long as she had her books to look at, she was happy and eventually went to sleep. When it took me longer to get her to sleep for a nap than ittook her 6 month old sister to take one, I gave up. As long as she was quiet and ON HER BED, that was fine. She had books and some quiet toys that she could reach that kept her entertained while the rest of us rested, too.