Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Post Where I Complain A Lot - Consider Yourself Warned

This week has pretty much sucked. Lily has been sick, which always stinks. Matt and I haven't been feeling great either. My house is a disaster. I am pretty sure that disaster is it's default setting. One which it defaults to constantly. There are toys everywhere. And dog hair. And clutter. In theory I know my house is big enough for us, but in reality I have been feeling rather suffocated here. I am mad at myself for feeling discontent with what I have instead of gratitude. In all facets of my life. I have been discouraged and uninspired lately. The weather has been wonderful, so I can no longer attribute my crappy attitude to bad weather. I've totally been a slacker lately as well. Lily has been wearing a lot of disposable diapers, instead of cloth. We have been eating fast food, or out, or easy prepackaged meals instead of yummy home cooked ones I used to pride myself on. In short, I am in a funk. And I must get out. Because the way things have been going lately is making me really annoyed at myself.

Thanks for listening to me vent. I promise the next post will be happy.

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