Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Where've I Been?

Umm, around. Life has been busy lately. Stuff going on. You know, the norm. Spring seems to be here, finally, and we have been getting outside as much as possible. I want to spend every free moment outside, for fear that the nice weather may go away and never come back. Unfortunately, we are supposed to have rain the next four or five days, so boo! to that. But spring and rain mean thunderstorms and while I am not sure if there are any in the forecast, I sure hope so! I love thunderstorms! We will see what Chickie thinks of thunder this year. She has yet to be afraid of loud noises, but if she doesn't like thunder this year, I may change my tune about thunderstorms.

So a couple Chickie updates:

- She will be two, yes TWO!! in a little over two weeks. When did this happen and how do I stop it! I am so not ready for this.
- We went to the zoo on Saturday. Roaring tigers don't scare her, but llamas do. Who knew?
- She also insisted on walking almost the whole way through the zoo. I am all for her getting exercise, but it was very slow going.
- She also convinced Matt and I she needed a stuffed polar bear. Fluffy is now part of her entourage, because she didn't roll with enough loveys as it was.
- She talks in complete sentences now.
- If I am upset about something, or stressed or whatever, she will rub my back and say "a don't worry mommy." Melts my heart.
- When I say "Hey Lily, want to eat lunch (dinner, breakfast, or what to do pretty much anything) she replies enthusiastically "I love lunch!"
- Her favorite food is quinoa. If I sit her at the table and put some in front of her, she shouts "quinoa!!" and scarfs it down in no time. And then asks for more. And then scarfs that down. And then asks for more. She loves her some ancient grains.
- She loves to run around the house with her arms out screaming "I'm flying."
- Every baby she sees is "a baby sister". I thought my sister Steph taught her this since she keeps telling me to have another baby, but have since learned that it is from Olivia on Nick Jr.
- And pretty much Chickie is just the friendliest little girl. Maybe too friendly. She has no fear of strangers and I love her innocence and the fact that it would never occur to her that not all people are nice, but I wish she was a little wary of people she has never met.

I will try to be around a little more. No promises though...the great outdoors are calling...

And now, some pics:

My loves

Mocha, the scary llama

the not scary tiger, who was quite vocal. when is it too early to teach your child about which animals would gladly make a snack of you and which wouldn't?

I like taking lots of pictures, but it means that there are never any good pictures of me and Chickie.

Yep, that's Fluffy. And Chickie insisting she walk everywhere...sigh...

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