Monday, March 15, 2010

One of Those Days

Today has been one of those days. It isn't even 2 pm, yet I am mentally exhausted and physically drained. It might have something to with the time change, or being gone all day Saturday and then being a vegetable all day Sunday. Perhaps it is because Matt was out of town last week and we literally saw each other for 20 minutes between when he got home and I left for Hearts at Home. Either way, today is tougher than most Mondays, which are typically not my favorite day of the week anyway! In no particular order, here are my adventures of the day:
- Hurricane Lily. She is on a tear today, throwing things around, emptying her book shelf, scattering all her shoes all over her room. If I clean something up, she has messed up something else. She also threw her ridiculously expensive Thermos sippy on the ground, breaking off the lid, so it is no longer able to be closed up and thrown in a purse. And she tells me "a don't worry mommy,FIX IT!!!". I will get right on that melding plastic thing...
- Someone, probably me, left a tissue in something that went into the washer. We all know what happens. I likely had said tissue in the pocket of the hoodie I wore yesterday because Lily has a runny, icky nose.
- The nastiest diaper I have seen in a long time. This is day three of icky icky diapers.
- A 25 minute search for blankie. My house is small, yet Lily finds someplace to hide it and then conveniently forgets, so I am left desperately searching if I have any hope of her napping.
- When said nap time finally rolls around, I put my little angel down and jumped in a nice shower. Nice for about 2 minutes until the UPS man rang the doorbell and the idiot dogs started barking, waking Chickie up. She is still awake in her crib. But mommy needs some quiet time (and to blow dry my hair!) so she will have to go back to sleep. And she will...eventually.
- I stepped on a block, again, totally hurting my foot, again.
- I am out of Coke Zero, which is probably good since I have been drinking way too much soda lately, but I could really use one right now.
- My house needs to be cleaned, at least superficially since my MIL is coming over to babysit while Matt and I go to FPU.
- And Matt is going out of town, again. Boo!

On a positive note, I did have a great conversation with one of my oldest and best friends. You would think after 20 plus years of friendship, we would know everything about each other, but I discovered we have yet another thing in common. It is a very cool thing! to dry my hair...

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JBigs said...

Kiss Kiss! Sorry you stepped on the block. That totally hurts like a B. :(