Friday, March 26, 2010


Yesterday Lily turned 2! I can hardly believe it! We didn't really do anything yesterday. We are likely going to do something just the three of us tomorrow and then maybe celebrate with our families in the near future. She is 2, so she doesn't really care. Next year I will be more on the ball.
A couple observations from my two years of motherhood:
- I realize that I will never sleep as much as I want ever again. Even if given the opportunity (and I rarely am), I worry too much about Lily, and every possible thing related to being a parent.
- I have not, in the past two years, been home completely alone. I don't even remember what it is like to not have another person in the house with me.
- I was a much better parent before I had a kid.
- Even when I am the one to make her cry (you know, because I won't give her a cookie for breakfast), Lily still comes to me for comfort.
- Nothing makes me happier than watching my husband and daughter play together.
- Except maybe watching my daughter discover new things.
- "You are a good mom" is one of the best things I can ever hear.
- Topped only by whatever comes out of Lily's mouth. She is so funny and I love seeing how her mind works.
- I wouldn't trade one single minute of the last two years for anything in the world. Even the challenging times. Even the endless sleepless nights. Even the super icky diapers.
- Wait, I lied, I would trade in any moment that Lily was hurting or sick...I would take it from her.
- Being a mommy is the best job in the world.

And now, prepare yourselves...this isn't pretty...

This is much better:

And today (well, yesterday!):


JBigs said...

I love her little rainboots! Where did you get them?? Oh, and you're much braver. There is no way I was posting a pic after I just delivered! Kudos to you!!

Kelly said...

Kohl's. And yes, that was probably brave. It was the best of the awful pics right after she was born. My face is all messed up because I was shivering so badly and was clenching my jaw for hours it seemed like, so my jaw is swollen. My one is eye half closed. I think I will opt for a scheduled C-section next time and go get my hair and makeup done beforehand so I have a decent picture of me and my new baby....whenever that may be!