Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Caught Up!

Well there you have it! I believe I am all caught up. Sure, the past couple posts are light on content, heavier on pictures. But most of you tune in to see the Chickie, be honest!

We have a rather low key couple months on the books for the next couple months, which is fine by me. We are still struggling to get back to a normal routine. Matt was off between Christmas and New Years, so we got a lot done around the house. Major purging. Two big van fulls to Goodwill. Some organizing, some little projects finished up, that kind of stuff. While it was great having Matt around and getting stuff done, it really threw everyone off. I am craving some normalacy, some routine, some easier bed times!

I am so excited for all this new year has in store for us. Stay tuned for all the new adventures as I learn, grow, mature, and hopefully survive toddlerhood. Oh yeah, there will likely be a bunch of pictures of Chickie, as well as stories of her antics.


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