Wednesday, November 4, 2009

i went to the gym today. it felt good. and bad. good to be working out, using my muscles. bad to be working my muscles and lungs that haven't seen enough strenuous work as of late. but i am pleased with myself, and if i accomplish nothing else today, at least i worked out. and there is a very real possibility i will accomplish nothing more today. because now i am totally pooped.

i was a little worried that after not going to childcare for a while, chickie wouldn't be thrilled. and she didn't seem that excited when we were walking in. joke's on me though - she pitched a major fit when it was time to go. that is, once we caught her. she was running around and climbing on the big climby thing (think like McD's playland). this further proves my theory that anything in the world is more fun than hanging out with mommy all day.

so friends, i have a favor to ask. please check in on me periodically and make sure i hit the gym more frequently. because, you see, i am fat and out of shape. and i have dreams of owning a really cute pair of GAP jeans. why GAP jeans? i don't know, but i want to buy a killer pair. and i want to wear shorts next summer. and i want a good butt, and great legs, and not to look perpetually pregnant. oh yeah, it would be nice to be healthy as well. so....cheers to the sore muscles i am sure to have tomorrow!

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