Thursday, July 2, 2009

Random Thoughts

I have some cute pics of Lily to upload. I also have our canoe trip to write about. But I am feeling rather lazy, so I decided to just share some random thoughts. Probably no one cares whats knocking around in my head, but that's fine. I need to get all the convoluted dribble out so I can turn my mind to more pressing matters, like whether or not it is advisable to convince my husband we should take a vacation in October that we absolutely cannot afford.

- Lily has some adorable Elmo jeans. The cut of them is kinda strange. The rise is really high, the legs are short, but they are not capris. Kind of a bummer since they are so dang cute. Every time I put a pair of jeans on her - and she has been wearing jeans all week due to the very seasonable weather we are having (which I love, just in the appropriate month - say, October)she points to the ankle and says Elmo. Hmmm, I hope she isn't too disappointed that not all her jeans have Seasame Street characters on them.

- My ear hurts. It has for three days. I don't have an ear infection. The doctor who spent exactly 90 seconds with me this morning told me so. Now I remember why I don't go to the doctor, like ever. I always feel like a horse's ass when nothing is wrong with me.

- My house really needs to be cleaned, but I have discovered this very addicting game on Facebook called Bejeweled Blitz. I seriously think they need to develop a support group for people who play this. I can't stop.

- My new favorite show is Bones. I have been watching it on TNT. Actually, I have been recording it and Matt and I have been watching a couple episodes every night. Booth is HOT! Matt doesn't think so because he used to watch the show called Angel or something, which Booth was in. And because he isn't gay.

- Also, I have been watching Gilmore Girls on ABC Family. I have seen it a million times, but the final season is finally in syndication. Yay!

- I have many more random thoughts to share, but I am off to play Bejeweled Blitz some more. See...I have a problem!


Kelly said...

i'll have try that Bejeweled Blitz game...or maybe not...i'd really neglect my family then! i also love Gilmore Girls and watch the reruns, if i can. : )

JBigs said...

Our friend Fritz is addicted to BB too. he has some freakishly high score! I tried a few times, but suck at it so I quit. Because, well, I'm a quitter I guess :)

Valerie Davis said...

I used to have mysterious earaches - the dentist told me they were actually in the jaw joint, it just feels like the ear. So now if I feel one coming on I just let my jaw hang loose. Feels idiotic, but it works.