Friday, July 31, 2009

A Post About....Potty Stuff

Two things of note happened today, both, ahem, potty related. One good, one not so good. I will start with the not so good. I was, um, using the loo this morning while Matt finished getting ready for work. It is the one time of day I can actually use the bathroom in peace. Or so I thought. Lily was running around like a wild child, screaming and yelling, talking and banging on the door. Because heaven forbid I have a moment to myself. The banging on the door is nothing new. This is pretty common. Next, however, the door swung wide open and in popped a smiley little girl greeting me with a big hello. Awesome. So now she can open doors. Now I have to start locking the door if I actually want privacy. Crafty little stinker, that one.

The other thing that happened just made this momma so proud. After Lily woke up from her nap, I gave her her fishy crackers and turned on a couple minutes of PBS, which I usually do to give her a minute to wake up. She came up to me, grabbed her diaper and said "Boop!" Sure enough, she had a stinky! And she told me about it! Granted it was about time for a change anyway, but she has never really indicated to me other than crying or squirming that she had pooped. I know this might be a fluke, but I am so proud just the same. I never knew I could be so proud about such things. We have been working on this at diaper changes - me telling her she pooped when she has - but up until this point, I think she thought I was labeling a body part, because she would just say "boop" and point down there when ever I would take her diaper off, regardless of whether or not she had actually "booped". Not that I am really thinking about potty training yet, but a big YAY! for her communicating with me!

And for anyone who is totally grossed out by my post - remember, this is so I have account of these "milestones" as much as it is to keep you all informed! That said, I will try to keep the potty stuff to a minimum until we are actually potty training. Promise!


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Frugal Babe said...

I will be so thrilled the day our little guy tells me he pooped! He doesn't seem to care if he has a wet or poopy diaper, and would rather not mess with diaper changes at all most of the time =) I think he figures they're a waste of time, and he'd rather be doing other stuff instead, like playing with blocks (while sitting in poop!)