Thursday, July 16, 2009

For Your Viewing Pleasure

don't let the cute semi-smile fool you - she was pretty ticked at me for putting her in the hamper for the sake of a picture

sometimes chickie has the sweetest expressions

like here

and here

here not so much - she foiled yet another attempt for a family photo. i guess it is okay - i kinda look like poop

i believe this was the first of july - we went to the park in pants and long sleeves. JULY 1st people! gotta love chicago weather

peace sign, sorta - did I ever tell you the story about when we were at church, I was probably in junior high. It was the part of the mass when you turn and shake hands with other parishioners, giving the sign of peace. I actually gave the peace sign to the priest. Luckily Father Don was amused. I don't think my parents were.

Rockin' her shades

one of her adorable swim diapers

Blackberry Farm

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Anonymous said...

cute pictures! lots of summer fun!