Thursday, March 26, 2009

OMG! She's One!

Wednesday was Lily's first birthday. You read that right, she is one! I can hardly believe it. The past year has gone so quickly, yet at the same time I can't really remember life without her. We had a pretty awesome day. It started at 3:30 with me getting up to soothe a fussy baby. Lily has been doing pretty well sleeping through the night lately and if she does wake up, I usually let her cry herself back to sleep, which takes all of two minutes most nights. But since it was her birthday, I couldn't let her cry. No one should have to cry on their birthday! She went right back down and then gave mommy a present by sleeping in until 7:40. Daddy had to go into work for a little bit, so Lily and I got up and played and ate breakfast. I also frosted her cake that I had baked the night before.

I got myself ready while Lily took her morning nap and I got everything together so we could leave for the zoo when Matt came home and Lily woke up. When Matt got home we debated about what to do because the weather was not really cooperating with our plans. We decided to go to the zoo anyway, and I am glad we did. When we first stepped out of the car, I started to think maybe it was a mistake because it was chilly and windy, but the wind died down and the sun even came out for a little bit. The nice thing about having a zoo membership is that you don't feel bad if you only spend a couple hours at the zoo. We stayed for a while and saw some exhibits that we hadn't really seen before. Lily is more and more engaged every time we go to the zoo. She pointed to all the animals and called them "ba-bas".

We headed home and Lily took a nap in the car. When we got home it was time for presents. Daddy got Lily her first guitar. She also got a little toy cell phone. Now she has her own so maybe she will leave mine alone :)!

We had a nice dinner - steak and baked potatoes for mommy and daddy and chicken for Lily - and then cake.

Lily wasn't really sure about the cake. She just stared at her piece for a while, then stuck her finger in it, ever so gingerly.

She finally took a bite.

I guess she liked it well enough, but she didn't really have much interest. Mostly she seemed annoyed at the cake stuck on her fingers.

Overall it was a really nice day. But I still can't believe she is one. Through out the day, I kept glancing at the clock thinking "now is when labor started" or "now is when we went to the hospital". I can't believe it, but I totally missed looking at the clock anywhere around 10:53 pm, which is when she was born. While I was reading in bed, I glanced over and it was 11:17. I totally missed it. I am not sure why it is such a big deal to me, but maybe next year I will notice. Now we just have Lily's big party on Saturday. Perhaps she will like cake a little more this time. But if not, that is fine with me. Cake is icky!!

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Anonymous said...

This year has gone by way to fast. I can't beleive how much Miss Lily has changed in a year. Matt and Kelly you are great parents, I love hearing all that the three of you do together. She is a happy little girl. love Mom S