Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Lily's Birthday Party

On Saturday we had Lily's first birthday party. Before I tell you about it, I have to say a HUGE THANK YOU to my parents and sister. My parents were gracious enough to let us hold the party at their house, my mom made half the food, and Steph helped clean and bought decorations, as well as made cookies and helped entertain some of the kids at the party.
Lily's party was huge! We had over 50 guests! We had lots of yummy food and cake, and tons of presents. Our friends and family were very generous. The day went pretty well. Lily didn't really take a nap at all on Saturday - she only slept about ten minutes on the way to my parents house - so she was a real trooper. She lasted the entire party, although she started to fade at cake time. Anyway, here are some pictures. It was a great day.

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