Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Buttons

First and foremost, I will try to update my blog with the past week or so's news soon. I have to upload some pictures, because I hate posting without pictures, but my camera battery is charging, and I have to take pictures of my new sink (YIPPEE!!!!) and I might as well just upload all at once. But anyway, I digress....
See those nifty new buttons on the side ---->
Well those buttons link to, the awesomest site for cloth diapers and their corresponding blog, And by having those buttons on my blog, I get an extra entry per button per give-away. Which means more chances for me to win awesome cloth diapering packages. I haven't won yet, but any week is my week, I can just feel it! Since I am obsessed with cloth diapers, I try to get every entry possible into their weekly drawings. The drawings are held weekly, isn't that awesome. And very generous. The prize and requirements are posted on Sundays and the winners are announced on Fridays. It is called Fluff Fridays. Hmm, wonder why!?!?! You should definitely check out their website and corresponding blog. Seriously, if you have ever considered cloth diapers, this is the play to check out!
And, if you don't have kids in cloth diapers, feel free to check out their blog, enter the drawings, and if you win, give me the prize!

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