Thursday, January 8, 2009

It's Official

It's official. Lily can now pull herself up to standing. Last night when I walked in the front door from swimming, she was standing up in the entry way to the playroom, holding on to the ironing board on its side (which is what we are sort of using as a baby gate for the wide opening), just smiling away. I asked Matt if she pulled herself up on her own and he said almost, but he helped a little. I caught her just like in the above picture a few times today, but never actually witnessed her pulling herself up until just now. Obviously she was pulling herself up before since I was the only one home with her, unless her little buddy or the dogs were helping her up. Leaning into her toy box, whether from her knees, or now her little feet, is her favorite past time. I will look over and she will be digging away for something. She also puts all manner of non-toys in there. I have found her pacifier, slippers and sippy cup tucked inside the toy box. It is so cute how she determinedly digs for just the right toy, which of course, is not one of the dozen already strewn about the room.

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Anonymous said...

She is growing up so fast! you walked at 9 months, so be ready she might be on the 2 legged move before you are ready.