Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Her Favorite Toy

I am not really concerned with gender specific toys. This may be because I have a little girl, so I think it is probably less of a "big deal" to those who are concerned with gender specific stuff if a girl plays with a truck as opposed to a boy playing with a doll. Really, I could care less about "gender specific" stuff. Lily wears blue sometimes, and sometimes gets called a boy. I have even made it a point to get her neutral color hoodies, snow suits, pjs, etc. just so if next time around I have a boy, I will already have that stuff. But I digress...Lily's absolute favorite toy right now is her little work bench. It was a hand me down toy and this girl loves it! She is so smart too! There is a little cabinet that you pull open and the phone is in there (see, she is a girl!) and she goes for that right away. There is also a little lever that you pull and balls come out - I think it is supposed to be a drill press, maybe? She has that figured out too! She will spend hours playing with her work bench.
She is also partial to her little dump truck, which was also a hand me down. It may be that it makes noise, but she really liked it before mommy figured out that it took batteries and made noises. And I am sure it pleases Matt that she also loves her little elmo guitar (yet another hand me down!) that is cute at first, but actually quite annoying. I am usually, however, able to tune out the guitar when she has her little hand pushing the same button for what seems like an eternity!

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Michelle said...

MJ always gets called a boy! I prefer natural colors like green, blue, brown... Although I have made an effort to buy her some pink things lately!