Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Baby Food

A while back I said I would let everyone know how making my own baby food is going. In a word, FANTASTIC! It is super easy, super inexpensive, and really comforting knowing exactly what Lily is eating. I have made a variety of fruits and veggies, and she seems to love them all! Like her mama, squash seems to be her favorite! She also seems to prefer veggies to fruits, although I have only had one incidence of her not wanting to eat, and that was just strange. I pureed a banana for her, which she has previously loved, and mixed it with a little baby oatmeal. She was not having it at all. I decided I would defrost a cube of sweet potatoes for her, but she wasn't really into that either. Must have been a fluke, because she has loved sweet potatoes since. We haven't tried bananas again yet.
Like I said, it is super easy. I just buy a bunch of whatever - apples, pears, acorn squash, butternut squash, sweet potatoes - and steam them, mix in a little of the steaming water, and freeze in a silicon mini-muffin tray. I also was freezing in ice cube trays, but I bought some super cheapo ones since we use our regulars ones for ice. I should have known what the quality would be when I got three for a dollar. They cracked and broke when I tried to get the cubes of food out! I then put the cubes in quart size zip top freezer bags, and done! I can pull out a different variety of foods for her dinners. Yesterday Lily dined on sweet potatoes, green beans and butternut squash. I do use frozen green beans. And I have some frozen peas I am going to try. Everything else is fresh. Tonight Lily had some fresh acorn squash which I baked and then pureed, and oh my - did she eat it up! I think she would have eaten the whole batch if I would have fed it to her!
We also tried some plums last week, and lets just say I may keep a small batch for any constipation issues, but otherwise we will be avoiding those. The diapers were absolutely no fun! I haven't done too many fruits...mainly just pears, apples and bananas (and the unfortunate plums) since it is fall and everything is pretty much out of season.
And not only is this inexpensive and easy, but I don't have a million little jars in the recycle bin every week! Lily really is a green baby!

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sheri said...

yay for homemade baby food! We make it too; 5 kids and have never purchased a jar of the store-bought stuff :) It's so easy to make homemade, and it's so much better for baby.

Am laughing over your 'unfortunate plums' comments :)