Friday, October 24, 2008

Mommy's Girl

Lily is totally a mommy's girl right now. I am sure this has something to do with the fact that I am with her pretty much 24/7. And the fact that I have the boobs. I am betting that in about a year, maybe less, she will be running to the door when daddy gets home, relieved that she has someone else to hang out with. I think she will eventually be a daddy's girl and I will fall by the wayside, unless she needs a snack. Or to be soothed in the middle of the night. And in later years, I will probably only be the preferred parent when she needs a ride to the mall, or to borrow my lipstick. Just guessing on this one, but the way her daddy adores her, and the fact that once we have to start telling her 'no', I will probably be doing the lion's share of it, leads me to believe that her heart will belong to her daddy. And I am mostly okay with this. But ask me when I am not the most important person in Lily's universe. I may change my mind.
But in the mean time, Lily is a total, 110% mommy's girl. I mostly love this. I secretly love the fact she constantly scans the room to make sure I am still there. I find it endearing and just so sweet that she will fight sleep and scream in her crib and the minute I pick her up, she will lay her sweet little blond head on my shoulder and fall fast asleep. Until I try to put her down. Then she wakes up and screams again. You see, she needs me. It is really very sweet. I am very important. At least that is what I tell myself so I don't lose my mind after the third or fourth round of this. Poor Matt. If she wakes up before we go to bed, he will sometimes go into her room and try to get her back to sleep. He fails like 99% of the time. It isn't for lack of trying. It is just that Lily doesn't really want me to have a moment of peace and quiet. But I really mean it when I say poor Matt. When he picks her up, Lily won't really look at him. She has to look around for me. And she doesn't smile for him as much as me. I tell him just wait. It won't be long before you are her king and my name is mud. I am right on this, aren't I? There is hope, isn't there? I mean, don't all little girls worship their daddies? I know I did.
In the mean time, I will just relish that fact that Lily needs me 24/7. There will come a time, and I am not really looking forward to this, when she is more independent. She will be able to feed herself. It won't be cool for mom to be hanging around. Because they just grow up too fast.

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Michelle said...

MJ is like this too and as sweet as it is I am finding it exhausting that she won't go to anyone else. Not even my aunts or mother or girlfriends. Sometimes she's okay for a few minutes but normally she fusses as soon as anyone other than me picks her up -even Paul. Sigh.