Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Indian Feast

Recently I have been making a lot of meals out of Weight Watchers cook books and Cooking Light magazine. They always seem to call for amounts of meat that don't match up with what my grocery store sells. For example, a recipe may call for 3/4 lb of chicken thighs, but the store only has 1 1/4 lb packages, so I am left with 1/2 lb of chicken thighs. I was going through my freezer and noticed I had 10 oz of ground turkey breast, 1/2 lb of chicken thighs and 1/2 lb of ground buffalo. I had been craving Indian lately, so I decided to tweak some of my tried and true recipes with the ingredients I had on hand. Oh what a feast! I made chicken khorma with the chicken thighs. I usually use breasts and my recipe calls for a pound. I made some dhal because I have some lentils that I have had forever that needed to be used. The turkey and buffalo went into my Kheema Aloo, which is usually beef and potatoes. I also had some potatoes that had reached their prime, a couple of tomatoes that needed to be used, some cilantro that was on its way out, and peppers out the wazoo because I harvested my garden before the frost the other night (just in time I might add...all my plants were dead when I checked them today!) We were out of curry paste, so I just used a little more of my dried spices in the kheema. And I had some remaining canned crushed tomatoes from yesterday's dinner that I added to the dhal. I searched the freezer and even came up with some frozen naan and we always have basmati rice on hand. I love to make Indian food but it can be time consuming...usually about two hours of cooking. But, I had a bad day, so it was nice to get all my anger out on the onions! And as usually, Chickie fussed in her high chair for a couple minutes and then fell sound asleep, leaving me to cook in peace. And since I used the ground buffalo and ground turkey breast, and didn't have use any curry paste, the kheema was healthier than normal. Everything turned out really well, and we have tons of left overs, which is always nice. Everytime my hubby takes left over Indian food to work, he always has a couple people as where he got take out from! Of course, my house will smell like curry for a couple days, but it is totally worth it!

The Feast
Ready to Eat
Leftovers for Hubby's Lunch

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