Thursday, July 25, 2013

I Believe...

* I believe a cup of coffee and a crispy salted oatmeal white chocolate cookie is the perfect breakfast

* I believe yoga pants and an oversized sweatshirt is the perfect comfy attire

* I believe reading is vital and a good book can change your world

* I believe 60 degrees and sunny with a slight breeze is the perfect temperature

* I believe there is nothing more important than family

* I believe my children will change the world

* I believe my husband was specifically designed for me

* I believe no matter how old you are you will always need your mom

* I believe staying home is better than going out

* I believe everyone has a story and every story is worth telling

* I believe you are never too old to try something new

* I believe being honest saves a lot of headaches

* I believe thunderstorms are wonderful

* I believe you can never take too many pictures of your children

* I believe you can never say "I love you" too often

What do you believe?

1 comment:

Rachel Coltharp said...

I believe our Father drew us together, destined that our lives intersect. And mine is better for it.