Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Lily is going to have.....


We had our 20 week (okay, 19 week, 1 day) ultrasound yesterday and found out the gender of our new little one. Another girl. I would say I was surprised, but I started getting a really strong girl vibe a couple days ago, despite the fact that this pregnancy is soo different that my pregnancy with Lily. I was sick for the first trimester, and still am sometimes. Heartburn, check. Digestive issues, check. I was so sure for the first 18 or so weeks that we were having a boy, but all of a sudden last Thursday I just started feeling like this baby was a girl. Matt admitted that he started to get that feeling a little bit too. If I am going to be honest, initially I was a bit disappointed. I would love to have a son. But then I got to thinking about how much fun Lily is. And I already have tons and tons of clothes. I quickly got over any disappointment. Lily has already named her little sister Apple Dumpling (from Strawberry Shortcake). She is excited and sings to my belly and hugs my belly and gets up every morning and asks me if the baby popped out yet. She is such a hoot!

Speaking of Lily, she is currently in swimming lessons and while she isn't exactly a little fish, she sure loves the water. She is getting more brave each week and now puts her head under water. She is also signed up for "ballerina class" which starts in a couple weeks and she is so excited. She loves to do her ballerina dances for us all the time. Lily is every bit girl, which is so funny because I am totally not a girly girl. She loves princesses and sparkly crayons and is obsessed with putting lipstick (chapstick) on. She insists on wearing a dress every day, so she can do her ballerina dances, and loves to play dress up. She is very nurturing to all her babies. She has a million stuffed animals and I never know which one will be baby of the day. I think she is going to be such a wonderful big sister. She already tells me all the things she is going to do to help, like get diapers and wipes for me.

Lily is also very 3 lately. While the really rough patch seems to have subsided a bit, she is still very strong willed. I know this will serve her well in her life, but right now it can be frustrating! She is also a bit of a picky eater. I am constantly at a loss what to feed her. Something she loves one day she won't touch the next. She is almost completely done with naps, although sometimes if I put cartoons on around dinner time while I make dinner I find her conked out on the couch. She is a total bear to wake up. Seriously, it is scary. She gets that from me :)

I will try to be better on updating. I don't want to miss things and I can't seem to remember what I did 20 minutes ago most days.


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Amanda Greco Holmes said...

Congratulations! I was so pleased when we had our second daughter (I thought it was a boy all along and secretly felt a bit disappointed by that thought). While I would love to someday give my son a brother, the thought of my girl not having a sister just didn't sit right. Wishing all the best to you and your family in all that lies ahead...