Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Thanksgiving is so totally my favorite holiday. I mean, the day is about food, right? I love me some food! Oh, also about being thankful. We hit on that too. This year we were at my parents' house. We switch off every year, which has worked well for a while now. It was a small group for dinner this year...only 11. I remember growing up my mom sometimes had as many as 40 people! This year everyone was able to fit at the same table. There were jokes about Lily having to sit at the kids table, but since she is the only kid, it just didn't seem fair! I made cranberries and Pioneer Woman's Soul Sweet 'Taters. I made them a couple years back and my sister Steph probably wouldn't let me in the house if I didn't make them. Have you tried them? Super easy and oh-so-scrumptious! I usually like my sweet potatoes just plain, no butter, not candied, just straight out of the over...but these...they are like dessert! As typical, there was tons of food, lots of wine, and great time spent amongst family. Lily serenaded us at dinner with all her newly learned Jingle Bells...on repeat! We went around the table and all said what we are thankful for (something hard to do when there are 40 people in three different rooms!) Lily was just precious when she said "my family" completely on her own.
After dinner, my cousin and her husband came by, as did my aunt, uncle and another cousin. We had dessert and my dad had a little quiz for us about Thanksgiving and all manner of things related to it. Did you know that Israel eats the most turkey per capita? You do now (keep in mind the population of Israel is rather small...!) My cousin and her husband played as a team and won, answering correctly a measly one question more than I! I called shenanigans since they were answering as a team - I tend to be a little competitive :) I am not even sure there was a prize! It was a great day!

Lily has to play with this decorative fruit whenever we go to my mom's house. And of course, we also spent the day watching football.

Isn't my husband so handsome! I just love him!

OMG! It is actually a decent family photo!

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