Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Now that I am caught up on "The Holidays", I wanted to jot down some of the super cute things Lily has been doing lately. These are mostly so I remember, but others may get a chuckle out of them as well.

- Before Christmas, we were driving through our neighborhood and someone had a giant inflatable Santa. Lily saw it, pointed, and said "Look Mom, Santa! Santa, I'm being good!"

- A couple weeks ago I was doing something (this is why I need to write these down right away!!) possibly singing, maybe just driving. Anyway, Lily told me I needed to go at a slower tempo. I was amazed not only that she used the word tempo, but that she used it correctly.

- She tells me to relax on a daily basis. "Just relax mom!"

- If she asks something and I answer in the negative, she says "Oh sure you can," or "Oh sure you do," or "Oh sure I can." Cracks me up!

- Lily received several princess crowns for Christmas. She is constantly putting them on Eli (Lucy will have none of it!)

- Whenever I call her for a meal, she always has at least two babies or stuffed animals with her. They are hungry too, after all.

- For Christmas she received a stuffed monkey, which she named Hoe-ez, a doll she named Cinderella, and a Baby Alive she named Baby Pencil. I believe I previously mentioned the pinata named Piyotee.

- While playing at a friend's house, she found a toy whistle that actually whistles. She knew whistles made noise, but I guess she thought she had to make the noise because she held it about an inch from her mouth and made a screechy-whistley noise.

That is all I can think of off the top of my head. I am sure there are tons and tons more!

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Anna said...

Please do not forget, "Come on baby Jesus, let's go have some fun!" :)