Sunday, November 14, 2010

Random Thoughts

I know I keep promising to post about things and then not doing it. I really do intend to post about Halloween, Lily's first sleep over, my new love of scrapbooking, and all the other things that have been happening lately. It is just that life has seemed a bit out of control and crazy lately. Do you ever feel like that?

It is already the middle of November, which means the holidays are already right around the corner. I actually feel pretty good about the holidays this year. I have some lists made, and I just need ideas from family members. I am totally taking advantage of Lily's age and use the "let's ask Santa" line frequently. I am also a really big fan of "Santa's watching, better be good!"

Speaking of Lily's age, we moved her to her big girl bed on Wednesday. So far she has done really well. I don't think she realizes she can get out of bed on her own. I am hoping this lasts a while. We have been working on potty training. While she seems to have no problem with the concept, she just totally lacks interest in it. I know she will come around eventually, but it is frustrating! Lily can be quite a handful. She is smart and funny and polite...except to me! She has been telling me lately that she wants to get a new mommy from the mommy store. I have no idea where she came up with that notion and am trying not to take it personally! My little girl has a mind like a steel trap. If you make a promise or suggestion, you better be prepared to come through with it, because I guarantee she will remember! It is really remarkable.

My house is threatening to swallow me up, which is really not a good sign as we are heading into winter! I have the itch to majorly purge! I would love to get rid of our desk top computer and computer desk and just get a laptop. However, since our desktop is working just fine, I can't actually justify doing that. I hope the economy turns around and housing prices rebound because we really need more room! I know that our house is just fine and that it is a good size house for many parts of the country and more than many, many people in this world have to call home, but I still desire something bigger! It leaves me feeling conflicted!

There finally seems to be a hint of a real chill in the air. I think we may even get some snow flurries this week. The daytime temps are supposed to be in the 50s, but overnight the temps are supposed to be below freezing. I love snow. I love a good snow storm, particularly on a Friday night, when we have know place to go the next day. Lily is in bed, the snow is falling, and I am curled up on the couch with my sweetie, watching a movie, enjoying a glass of wine, or maybe hot chocolate. The world just feels cozy and still. Of course, the reality usually is more like a child who refuses to go to sleep, we have no food in the house and a million things planned for the next day and the cable is out. But a girl can dream, right?

I really have been lacking motivation and direction lately. I have been horrible about grocery shopping, meal planning, cleaning, etc. It bugs me. I am never a super motivated person. I am the biggest slacker I know. However, I try to remind myself that my job, in this season of my life, is to be a homemaker. If I was shirking my duties in any other profession, I would be fired. And just because I can't actually be fired from my job doesn't mean I can just slack off. Hopefully I will pull myself out of this funk and join productive society again soon. I am probably driving my husband nuts!

Okay, I need to go change around a load of wash. That's productive, right? Until next time friends!

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