Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Coffee With Grandma and LuLu

Last Thursday my mom and aunt, two of Lily's favorite people (and mine!), were coming out our way to have lunch with my Grandma's best friend and visit the outlet mall. Since the outlet mall is just a few short miles from us, they invited Lily and I to have coffee with them. We were happy to oblige! Lily loves having coffee (actually chocolate milk!) with the girls! And I love going out for coffee, especially since my husband is just now coming around to the coffee, so my dreams of sitting in a coffee shop with my honey have yet to become reality. Unfortunately we were just a few days too early for Starbucks' Pumpkin Spice Lattes! But believe me, I did ask about them! The barista was holding out on me. He didn't tell me that they would be back in less than a week!

We enjoyed our coffee and then walked around the mall. It was a beautiful day to walk around outside (even though I was dying...I had a doctor's appointment later that day!). My mom and aunt are crazy addicted to Vera Bradley. They sell cute quilted bags and purses. Of course we had to go in. Heaven help me! Why oh why did I, an admitted purse and bag addict, go in?!? I know better! I loved all the styles of bags and cute patterns. I couldn't justify a new bag, but I really and truly did need a new wallet (honestly! There was a hole in the change part of my old one and I was losing change everywhere!). LuLu and Grandma decided Lily needed a little purse, so they were so sweet to buy her one. She looked adorable walking around with her little Vera Bradley shopping bag.

Of course we had to hit up the Eddie Bauer Outlet. It is probably my all time favorite store, and I had a $10 off coupon! Yippee! I bought two cardigan sweaters and an off white T-shirt to go under one of them. In true Kelly fashion, I am considering returning one. I will have to get Matt's opinion. My mom approved of both of them, so I know I don't look like a frumpy dork wearing them, but sometimes Matt thinks otherwise. Besides, I don't know that I need two sweaters. I mean, I love sweaters, but lets face it, I already have a couple and spend most of my fall and winter in fleeces and sweatshirts. Still mulling it over though...I am sure if I return one I will regret it later...

I ventured to the mailbox this morning (to gather two days worth of mail) and there was a lovely card for Lily from LuLu. Enclosed were the above photos. I love the pics, and Lily LOVES the card! She loves cards. She has all the cards she has received this year in her little desk and plays with them daily! Thanks LuLu! And thanks for coffee and shopping ladies! We are happy to meet up with you any time! We love you and love spending time with you!!!

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