Tuesday, April 27, 2010


We have a new weekend activity...adventures! We hop in the car and search around for a forest preserve or nature area or park. It is a great way to get out, get some fresh air, see nature, and just explore. Matt and I love seeing what is in the area and Lily loves picking up rocks and dandelions. To date, we haven't done much planning. Maybe a two second Internet search on the way out the door, or maybe even just using the trusty iPhone after we have hit the road. If we were really on our game, we would pack a picnic lunch, but we enjoy finding little restaurants to try out as well. And while it has been a little overcast the past couple weekends, it has actually been perfect. I enjoy the cooler weather, there aren't a ton of bugs yet, and it is totally not crowded. Our adventures aren't huge. We typically are only gone for a couple hours, max. We get some lunch and are home for nap time. It really is amazing how many cool little areas there are within twenty minutes of our house that allow us to feel like we are escaping the 'burbs for a while. Sadly, these little adventures do get me longing for Salt Lake or Moab or Phoenix or New Mexico or Colorado, where outdoor adventures are always just a short way away. But it is nice to be able to take advantage of the wonderful Kane County Forest Preserve District. Maybe with a little more planning, we will head a little further, for a little longer. I am thinking Starved Rock maybe. Or out along the Mississippi. Of course, planning isn't really our forte. We are more of the get up-what do you want to do today-okay lets go type. But our little adventures our good for our souls! And our relationship. We have the best conversations as Lily picks up sticks or inspects leaves. I love our weekend adventures!

Big Rock Forest Preserve 4/25/10

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