Wednesday, February 10, 2010

a mish mash of my brain

UPDATE: I just read on Chicago Tribune Online that the earthquake in Haiti was actually 1,600 times the magnitude of our little temblor this morning. And I guess the epicenter was more like 30 miles from my house...regardless, it was just a little rumble compared to Haiti, or pretty much any other earthquake that has made the news since I've been on this planet.

we had an earthquake last night. 3.8 on the richter scale, epicenter 20ish miles from my house. it was 33,000 times less intense than the one that struck Haiti a month ago, or so says CNN or some other news outlet I read today. i'm not in school anymore so i no longer need to cite my sources...anyway, it was interesting to be awoken at 4 am to your bed shaking. matt thought i was kicking the bed. yeah, okay honey. it wasn't a big deal, no damage or injuries, but i am not all that stoked about adding "earthquake" to my already too long list of worries. and i suppose i should add, for any who may be reading and aren't familiar with northern illinois, that earthquakes are not the norm. occasionally, like every decade or so, we may get a little shake, but to the best of my knowledge, those originate downstate from the rather sizeable New Madrid fault. i was not previously aware of any fault lines running up here. of course, i am no geologist or seismologist...or any kind of -ist for that i could be way off...

i went to work today. and by work, i mean i cleaned my mom's house, which is the BEST GIG EVER! i get paid to clean the house i grew up cleaning, my mom doesn't have to worry about getting the cleaning done, and Lily gets to go to Maggie's house. it isn't grandma and grandpa's house, but Maggie's house. i am sure anyone that has ever had a dog will agree, sometimes it seems like the dog rules the house, so chickie isn't far off. anyway, i actually did something useful with my day and have done a little bit to contribute to our household. all's good.

when we got home, i asked lily to help me pick up her toys that were strewn from one end of the house to the other. she helped by bringing me the bag her blocks go in and the container her play food goes in. then she collected as many stuffed animals as her arms could hold and marched into the other room to watch Diego. nice. what actually is nice is that she is starting to really play with her stuffed animals. as a note to anyone who may ever by my child a present for any reason: please no stuffed animals...we have enough...rather more than enough.

oh yeah, and for those tuning in hoping to catch a post about the wedding lily starred, er - was a flower girl in, you will have to wait a bit longer. i am trying to track down some good pictures. my aren't the best, what with trying to control a child that hasn't napped and was overstimulated and all that. but i am confident some stellar ones exist. i will, however, leave you with this:

and this:

and okay, one more:

until next time amigos!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great job :0)

Lily looks as adorable as ever!

Kelly said...

Thanks FT! She did look pretty darn cute, if I do say so myself. And she was so good and I am so proud of her!

And it is the best job ever! My mom is the one that taught me to clean, so she knows it is being done to her standards :), plus her dog knows me, my sister gets home towards the end so I get to see her every week, my mom is visibly relieved about not having to worry about when the chores will get done, and the extra money sure doesn't hurt! And if Lily or I are sick, or the weather is bad (it is about an hour drive!) then it is no big deal. And as an added bonus, a lot of my friends live in my hometown, or very near, so it is very convenient to get a cup of coffee with them and have a little play date for the kids before I get to "work".