Tuesday, December 15, 2009

General Musing....

I turned 30 on Sunday. No big deal really. Pretty much all my friends turned 30 before me, so I am still a youngun'. I love having a late birthday in that respect...pretty much all my besties will always be older than me, if only by six weeks or so. 30 doesn't feel much different, not that I expected it to. Although I will say this - I should have "milestone" birthdays more often. I totally made out like a bandit present-wise. Shallow and materialistic? Why yes please! I scored an adorable red purse from my parents, along with a killer cool necklace, Rachel Ray DVD and some cold hard cash. Plus they treated to dinner at the awesomest German restaruant. What, awesomest isn't a word? Tough. Still riding the birthday high here! My one sis gave me some more cold hard cash and from the other I got cute socks and a Kohl's gift certificate. I totally did it up today shopping at Kohl's. Two pairs of jeans, a sweater and three tops! Woohoo! And then Matt, well he really outdid himself. He wasn't supposed to get me anything since I had already purchased a couple things and said to just consider them my birthday present (a sweatshirt to replace the GAP sweatshirt I have had since freshman year in high school (do the math) an is so holey I can't really wear it out in public and a new bedspread.) But the man doesn't listen and he bought me the most beautiful three stone aquamarine ring. Aquamarine is Chickie's birth stone. It is absolutely gorgeous, but I need it sized because I have super chubby fingers.

Also of note, there really are kind people in this world. Two examples were demonstrated in one ordinary trip to Kohl's today. First, while perusing the killer sales, a woman started calling out "ma'am, ma'am." She was probably about 60 or so and her legs were giving out and she was about to fall. No fewer than three women (myself included) dropped our items and rushed to her side. We all stood and held her up while someone else went to get a chair and some help. There ended up being quite a few people helping this poor woman out and she was so grateful. It just goes to show people are kind, even if you don't hear about the good ones as often as you should. And then when we were checking out, a woman came over with a stuffed animal in her hand. She said she had bought it for the Kohl's charity but didn't have anyone to give it to and asked if she could give it to Lily. So sweet. And Lily hasn't put the thing down!

And speaking of Lily - Lord help me! Everything is "NO!" right now. I have hardly heard her utter anything else in the past 72 hours. I believe we may be entering into the "terrible twos" a little early. If you don't hear from me for a while, I am probably in the nut house!


Anonymous said...

What a lovely, truly lovely post. There are so many wonderful people out there who would help anyone in a heartbeat! Lily is as adorable as ever :)

Kelly said...

Thanks FT!