Saturday, November 22, 2008

A Question for My Fellow Cloth Diapering Mamas

This is a question for anyone who reads my blog who has or is cloth diapering a baby. Has anyone noticed a correlation between crawling and cloth diapering? Lily isn't crawling yet. While I am not really concerned, I was wondering if anyone has noticed a delay in crawling because of cloth diapers. I know all babies develop and reach milestones at different times, and I know that not all babies ever crawl, but the hubby thinks that maybe the bulk of the cloth diapers are impeding her ability to crawl. She pushes up really far with her arms, and she can swivel in all directions. She is a very efficient roller and gets where ever she wants to go really quickly. I haven't really found any info on the web about this, so I thought maybe some fellow cloth diaperers may have some insight?



JBigs said...

Erin never really crawled...she just rolled to wherever she wanted and she wore disposable diapers!

Heather said...

Savannah crawled later than Trenton, and he wears cloth. Some babies just find ways other than crawling to move!