Monday, November 3, 2008


For some reason I feel compelled to post about my cooking endeavors. I have always cooked, but never really baked. Well, I can make a mean chocolate chip cookie, and somewhat decent brownie from a mix, and a pretty poor representation of a cake, but I have never baked anything that required yeast. But I love french bread. This may sound weird to anyone from my past, when I hated, yes hated, all bread. Anyway, I decided to look up a recipe for french bread and found one that seemed pretty easy. Click here I made it this evening to go with a home made lasagna (another rather ambitious dish!) It turned out awesome! It made two loaves, which is very convenient since I need a loaf for tomorrow's dinner (butternut squash and leek soup). I am excited to try some more baking now that I know yeast isn't that scary!
As you can see, the one loaf is nibbled. Of course I had to try it before serving it to Matt. Unfortunately it was so yummy I had a hard time restraining myself and probably would have eaten the whole loaf if I had not been on the phone with my sister who kept me in check by constantly telling me to save it for dinner. Thanks Steph!

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sheri said...

Great job on the bread baking! I am cracking up over the nibbled loaf photo :) Sometimes fresh bread is hard to resist...